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Comm'l Desn(<2500sf)
FLOURISH is a revolutionary beauty retail business with a unique open-sell environment featuring wellness-conscious and organic brands across a broad range of product categories, including skincare, nails, fragrance, face, eyes, and hair. FLOURISH embraces the cutting-edge idea of a distinctive business where customers can purchase high-end cosmetic products and salon services without suffering through the rigid interactions that characterize most beauty counter transactions. FLOURISH is a beauty forerunner, with its unparalleled assortment of quality products, exemplary service from professionals, interactive shopping environment, and innovative store design. Like the leaf, around which the branding strategy and design concept for FLOURISH is centered, women come in a variety of shapes, colors, and features. FLOURISH recognizes the individuality of its clients and sells products that will help them accentuate their unique beauty needs. Housed in an environment that is as organic and natural as a leaf, FLOURISH represents the vision of a business with a distinct mission to nurture women’s natural beauty as they go through all the seasons of their lives. Because beauty is found in all of the shapes, colors, and myriad patterns of a leaf, it is used in the design of everything from the building’s exterior to its floor plan. The distinctive and beautiful leaf-inspired design on FLOURISH’s storefront commands attention and draws customers in. In the interior, the leaf is represented in everything from the fluid lines of the cash wrap, with its living wall, to the organic design elements of the fixtures. The store’s organically inspired layout, which resembles the graceful curves of a leaf, allows shoppers to move from brand to brand and product to product as they find the beauty product that best suits their needs. As the vein provides the inner beauty for the leaf, FLOURISH strives to help its patrons bring their inner beauty to the surface. Meeting out clients’ beauty needs is accomplished with pampering services such as manicures, makeovers and a blow bar—all situated in a single area filled with exciting design and organic energy. Shimmering mercury glass throughout the space helps reflect the patrons’ outer beauty and appears to glisten with dew, as a leaf at dawn. The leaf is the source of food, air, and energy for the tree; it represents life. As healthy trees have healthy leaves, a vibrant, healthy woman should use products that contribute to her overall wellbeing. FLOURISH promotes the vitality and wellness of its clients by providing products that are completely organic. Each product in FLOURISH’s line is carefully screened to ensure that it is made of the highest quality organic materials obtainable. Organic materials are also used in the interior with wood and slate flooring, which imitate the pure, unrefined feeling of being outdoors. A clean, crisp leaf-inspired color palette mimics the beauty of leaves in all of their seasons and enhances the shopping experience by lifting mood, which increases purchases. The clients are further pampered by the soothing Argo tea which is available to patrons to nurture and energize them as they shop. As the seasons change, leaves cycle from tender green shoots in the spring to the healthy, mature leaves of summer to all the pretty colors of fall, such as orange, yellow, magenta, and even indigo! Leaves possess the enviable quality of being able to age gracefully and beautifully. FLOURISH caters to the ever-changing beauty needs of its targeted clientele and helps them glide gracefully from one season of life to the next by carrying a product line that evolves as the client evolves. These products are showcased in an environment with a ceiling featuring layers resembling a canopy of leaves in a tree. The architecture of the storefront evolves into the structure of the ceiling, creating a pattern that is organic and follows the curves of the floor plan. This curving plan draws customers from the front of the store where products are displayed to the rear where services are provided, thus ensuring that all products are easily seen and accessible. Just as leaves evolve from tender buds to colorful maturity and women ripen from the dew of youth to the full bloom of womanhood, FLOURISH will evolve from a concept to a successful global business as it meets the beauty needs of women in an organic and healthy way.
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