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Comm'l Desn(<2500sf)
The beauty retailer 79 is a global high-end company of prestigious beauty brands that carries products such as make-up, skin care, and wellness items. The store not only offers coveted brands but also features spa-like services such as a blow-out bar, makeover studio, and manicure studio. With the integration of the newest technologies, the customer journey is made easy and set apart from past mundane retail experiences. The company goal of 79 is to create a sense of confidence and value from every customer who interacts with the company. The number 79 is the atomic number of gold. Gold is selected to represent both the natural beauty found within women as well as the sophistication of a refined woman. The physical representation of the element from the periodic table inspires design decisions for the exterior, logo, and branding. Gold, in its organic form, is very geometric and rigid with a muted glimmer. Within the space, elements such as the ceiling, floor pattern, and finishes reflect these ideas. When gold is refined into gold bars, the substance is rejuvenated into a pure, reflective, and sleek material. These ideas inspire the design of fixtures, materials, and the linear wall storage. The journey of gold from its organic state to its refined state is the same as the journey of a woman. With the assistance of 79, women are encouraged to thrive in their natural element and see beauty products as an aid to amplify themselves, not to cover up their natural beauty. Refine, reflect, and rejuvenate are three areas that are carried throughout the space, the marketing techniques, and the core values of 79.
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